“I never imagined it would be like this.”

“Compared to what he now beheld, the world he’d come from was a land of shadows, colorless and two-dimensional. This place was fresh and captivating, resonating with color and beauty. He could not only see and hear it, but feel and smell and taste it. Every hillside, every mountain, every waterfall, every frolicking animal in the fields seemed to beckon him to come join them, to come from the outside and plunge into the inside. This whole world had the feel of cool water on a blistering August afternoon. The light beckoned him to dive in with abandon, to come join the great adventure.

“I know what this is,” Quan said.

“Tell me,” said the Carpenter.

“It’s the substance that casts all those shadows in the other world. The circles there are copies of the spheres here. The squares there are copies of the cubes here. The triangles there are copies of the pyramids here. Earth was a flatland. This is…well, the inside is bigger than the outside, isn’t it? How many dimensions are there?”

“Far more than you have seen yet,” the King said, laughing.

“This is the Place that defines and gives meaning to all places,” Li Quan said. “I never imagined it would be like this.”

~ From Safely Home by Randy Alcorn


A poem for the New Earth

God, in the high and holy place,
Looks down upon the spheres;
Yet in His providence and grace
To every eye appears.

He bows the heavens; the mountains stand,
A highway for our God;
He walks amidst the desert-sand,
‘Tis Eden where He trod

The forests in His strength rejoice;
Hark! on the evening breeze,
As once of old, the Lord God’s voice
Is heard among the trees.

Here, on the hills, He feeds His herds,
His flocks on yonder plains;
His praise is warbled by the birds,
O could we catch their strains!

Mount with the lark, and bear our song
Up to the gates of light;
Or, with the nightingale, prolong
Our numbers through the night!

In every stream His bounty flows,
Diffusing joy and wealth;
In every breeze His Spirit blows
The breath of life and health.

His blessings fall in plenteous showers
Upon the lap of earth,
That teems with foliage, fruits, and flowers,
And rings with infant mirth.

If God hath made this world so fair,
Where sin and death abound;
How beautiful, beyond compare,
Will Paradise be found!

~ James Montgomery, The Earth full of the Goodness of God.