Great themes of the Bible

Jon Mroos of Elk Grove Bible Church shares an incredible thought on two great themes of the Bible: Temple and Torah. They both point to three things, he writes.

“Take the Torah or Law. The Law literally describes Adam before the fall. It describes his character as a pure image bearer. Secondly, it also describes the “second Adam,” which is Jesus Christ, as a perfect image bearer or character reflector of God. Thirdly, it describes what all those in the “second Adam” will be like on the New Earth as things come full circle and we are made truly human again like Adam, in a new garden, the New Earth. That’s Torah. That’s what the Law is designed to show fallen humans – what it looks like to be truly human again like Adam was, Christ is, and what we will be one day.

Temple is the other theme. God always works or lives with His creation through Temple. We can’t understand the fullness of this, but here is what it looks like: The first Earth (pre-fall) was the first temple as God dwelt with Adam. Heaven had come to Earth and God and man were one. That was ruined and corrupted.

A second Temple was created in Jerusalem by Solomon. It was a place where God and man could unite again. It was temporary and was really a sign pointing to the Temple to come, Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ would be the place where God (His divinity) and man (His body) would unite together again and the presence of God would be experienced (the Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ).

Jesus Christ as the Temple is pointing to a day when all of those who receive Him would be partakers of the final Temple, the New Earth. It is as if He has one hand reaching out and grabbing God’s hand, and another hand out grabbing your hand, and in the middle united the two is Christ as God and man are united again. And that looks like the shape of the cross as His hands are stretched out, one to man and the other to God. Just as in Solomon’s temple, His blood is shed in the middle to cover the sins that separate God and man.

Everything comes full circle again on the New Earth as it becomes the final Temple and Heaven and Earth, God and humanity, come together forever. Just like Adam, we will be joined with God and the New Earth will become the new Temple just as it once was and we will live in the presence of God as the waters cover the sea.”

I don’t think I’ve ever seen it illuminated better. There’s a really awesome group of messages on the New Earth on the EGBC website if you want to dive more into that great thought, it’s been incredibly joyful to learn more about this transformation truth!


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