Beauty of the new earth

“The world is full of beauty, but the beauty is incomplete. Our puzzlement about what beauty is, what it means, and what (if anything) it is there for is the inevitable result of looking at one part of a larger whole. Beauty, in other words, is another echo of a voice—a voice which (from the evidence before us) might be saying one of several different things, but which, were we to hear it in all its fullness, would make sense of what we presently see and hear and know and love and call ‘beautiful.’ Beauty, like justice, slips through our fingers.” ~ N.T. Wright, Simply Christian


2 thoughts on “Beauty of the new earth

  1. That is such a beautiful thought, thank you for sharing it! I am not completely sure where this journey is heading, but it’s been so amazing and joyful as God lights the way. Thank you very much for following and your thoughts, I deeply appreciate it.


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